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How to Find Commercial Real Estate Opportunities for Your Clients

As a trusted advisor, Selequity welcomes you to explore commercial real estate investment opportunities that may be the right fit for your clients. You can review CRE offerings and, through our platform, collaborate with your clients about deals that may have special appeal – such as a project in a community familiar to them.

You already know that alternative investments can be an attractive and important asset class in portfolio diversification with annual returns averaging more than 7%(1). Unlike a publicly-traded REIT, direct investing in CRE private equity lowers fees and allows clients to enjoy the full benefits of direct ownership.

With Selequity, you’ll stand apart from other financial advisors who don’t consider direct investing in CRE for their clients. Because of our team’s deep expertise and national network, your clients will have access to unique pre-vetted investment opportunities.

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1. NCREIF, 2012