• What is FundAmerica?

    FundAmerica Technologies, LLC, FundAmerica Securities LLC and FundAmerica Stock Transfer LLC are independent companies not affiliated with Selequity. Selequity sponsors may engage one or more FundAmerica entities to provide certain services to the sponsor in connection with the offerings appearing on Selequity’s website. For example, FundAmerica Technologies, LLC may provide technology services linked to the Selequity site including document signing technology. FundAmerica Securities LLC, a SEC registered broker-dealer and a FINRA member may be retained to perform AML checks, execute transactions on a customer initiated, non-solicited, non-recommended basis to meet state blue sky law registration requirements and/or act as escrow agent.

  • Who can invest through Selequity?

    Individuals who qualify as accredited investors as defined by the SEC can invest in offerings on the Selequity platform at their discretion.

  • Once an investor has submitted the investment documents, can the investor withdraw or revoke the investment before acceptance by the sponsor?

    Investments are irrevocable once submitted by the investor.

  • If I want out of an investment, how can I get my money back?

    It is important that members familiarize themselves with the business plan outlined in the offering related to each investment. Every asset represents a unique business plan that has been prepared by the sponsor. These plans include projected hold periods during which the sponsor plans to execute their investment strategy. Since investments made on Selequity are private placements, there is no established public marketplace for them and they cannot be readily sold or traded. As such, members should very carefully take time horizon and liquidity needs into consideration before committing to any private placement.

  • Does Selequity handle an investor’s funds?

    Selequity does not handle any investor’s funds.  Investors deal directly with sponsors, who sometimes engage third party escrow or other services to handle funds.  Refer to a particular offering's investment documents for these details.  Selequity does not participate in such process or have access to any funds or financial information, including bank and routing information, provided to the escrow agent as part of that process.

  • Are Selequity investment offerings limited to US citizens?

    Yes, offerings are limited to U.S. citizens.

  • Does the inclusion of any offering on this site mean that it is a safe or good investment?

    Selequity applies certain standards in allowing a sponsor to post an investment on the site, but those standards are not designed to guarantee that all sponsors or investments are suitable. All investments are subject to risks, including the risks described in the investment documents, which should be carefully considered by an investor prior to investing.

  • Does Selequity have an interest in the deals? / Is Selequity the owner of the deal?

    Sponsors use Selequity's technology to present their investment opportunities. Investments are made directly with the sponsors.

  • Has Selequity considered the legal, tax and other consequences of an investment in posting the investment to this site?

    Nothing on this site, including the posting of any investment, should be construed as legal, tax, investment, accounting or other advice. We recommend that each investor consult with their own attorney, accountant and other advisors in determining whether to invest in any offering.

  • Does Selequity determine whether an investor is an accredited investor?

    The sponsor or a third party service provider will evaluate and certify whether an investor is an accredited investor based on information provided by the investor and/or the investor’s advisors. Selequity does not participate in such process or have access to any of the information that the IRS, the investor and/or the investor’s advisors provide to the sponsor's service provider as part of that process.

  • How will I be updated?

    Our sponsors determine the way in which they keep investors updated. Please refer to the offering documents for full details but in most cases the sponsors will provide updates through the investor’s personal page on Selequity.

  • Does Selequity charge fees to investors?

    Signing up and evaluating investment opportunities on the Selequity platform is free to investors. We charge our sponsors a technology access fee to use the Selequity technology.

  • How do I show that I’m an accredited investor?

    Prior to investing in Selequity you will be asked to have your status as an accredited investor verified by a third party. That verification is part of the investment process.

  • Is Selequity a broker-dealer?

    Selequity is not a broker-dealer and does not solicit investors, participate in any negotiations regarding potential investments, engage in the purchase or sale of any securities, or otherwise effect transactions in securities.

  • Does Selequity recommend or endorse any sponsor or investment?

    Selequity offers a platform for sponsors to communicate information regarding investments to potential investors. Selequity makes no recommendations about any particular investment. Instead, each investor must conduct their own due diligence to determine if the investment is right for them.


  • Who determines the terms of an offering?

    Sponsors determine all of the terms of the offering and are responsible for preparation of all investor documents.

  • Once the offering has closed and funds are raised, how does Selequity support investor relations?

    Once a funding has closed, sponsors may provide reports, tax documents and other reporting to investors via the investor’s personal page on Selequity.

  • What is a sponsor’s role in the fundraising process?

    During the raise it’s the role of the sponsors to answer investor questions about the offering and assist in the investment process using the technology tools provided by Selequity.

  • How is Selequity compensated?

    Selequity is paid a one time fee for access to Selequity's technology. The fee is a fixed amount and is not based on success of the raise. After funding is completed, Selequity charges an annual fee for use of the investor portfolio features if the sponsor wants to use these features to keep investors updated and distribute tax and other documents.