Access Creates Opportunity

Selequity is a technology platform that allows real estate owners and accredited investors to connect and manage real estate investment opportunities.

Access to Invest Directly

Selequity directly connects investors to sponsors of real estate investment opportunities. We are not middlemen and do not charge investors.

Access is Simple

Selequity’s technology platform makes the investment process easy by moving online what has been a paper intensive process. It’s simple. Just sign up, review opportunities, and manage the investment process in one place.

What is Selequity?

Selequity connects accredited investors with the sponsors of commercial real estate (CRE) investment offerings. Our national network of accomplished real estate professionals assures you’ll have unique access to investment opportunities.

Join our community of empowered investors who are diversifying their portfolios by investing online in CRE projects.

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Access to unique CRE offerings

Quality, vetted investment opportunities

Only experienced, successful CRE sponsors

Leadership from trusted industry experts

No middleman fees

Positive impact on communities


For accredited investors looking to invest directly in commercial real estate


Financial Advisors

For financial advisors seeking commercial real estate opportunities for clients



For CRE sponsors who want to market offerings and expand their investor network


The Case for Commercial Real Estate Investing

Savvy individual investors, institutions and leading endowments like the Yale Endowment use CRE as a smart way to diversify their portfolio. Why? Because CRE prices have shown to appreciate at a rate far higher than the S&P 500. Plus, annual returns from CRE average about 4 percentage points higher than DJIA dividends. And when you invest directly in a sponsor’s offering, you can research that sponsor’s expertise and stability and – with Selequity – pay no fees traditionally charged by intermediaries.

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In the News
"Real estate owners see this as transforming the way they raise capital, with more exposure to investors and greater transaction efficiency through technology."
Alive Magazine
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"Online platforms open the door to an immense audience and allow for real-time, two-way communication between developers and investors...this, however, only scratches the surface when it comes to the benefits..."
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"Accredited investors are given the gift of choice in the digital age. They have the luxury of browsing multiple opportunities and determining which investments are appropriate."
AJ Chivetta
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"[We’re] creating an investment experience similar to online stock trading and perhaps providing the new capital needed to solve one of the bigger issues CRE has always faced: illiquidity."
AJ Chivetta
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"Crowdfunding is changing the way people can invest in commercial real estate. And because of this, the number of people investing in commercial real estate through crowdfunding will only grow in the coming years"
RE Journals
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"We are excited to work with a local St. Louis technology company to open up our investment to a larger pool of accredited investors with Selequity's technology platform."
Managing Principal of Summit Multifamily Group
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"In this transparent, tech-driven era, Millennials have become 10 times more likely than Baby Boomers to be active on digital investment platforms."
Bill Florent
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