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Selequity is proud to announce a strategic alliance with Virtual Realty Enterprises, LLC



Selequity offers a simple and convenient way to browse investment opportunities, enabling you to diversify your portfolio with offerings from some of the most experienced real estate owners in the country.

Neighborhood Retail Center - Capital Raise
St. Louis, MO

Completed $2.58M capital raise as part of our closed beta. The owner of a well located 75,000 square foot neighborhood shopping center in Saint Louis, Missouri used the proceeds of the offering to provide liquidity to some long time investors.

Atrium at Northcreek - Capital Raise
Dallas, TX

As part of our closed beta, the owners of an 85,000 square foot office building in Dallas, Texas are raising up to $500,000 to support improvements to a value add office opportunity.

Industrial Portfolio - Investor Relations
St. Louis, MO

Owner of a multi-property industrial portfolio is using Selequity’s investor relations’ software to more easily communicate with their investors and manage their investment documents.

In the News
"Real estate owners see this as transforming the way they raise capital, with more exposure to investors and greater transaction efficiency through technology."
Alive Magazine
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"The new venture will concentrate on serving property owners looking to get some liquidity in a fast and efficient way from accredited investors."
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"The shopping center is the first project funded through Selequity, which publicly launched earlier this year and connects investors to real estate opportunities."
St. Louis Business Journal
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"The technology streamlines the evaluation and investment process and makes it easier for both property owners and investors to track and manage ongoing investments."
Commercial Property Executive
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"We've built a platform that makes it very easy for real estate owners to explain projects to investors and make it very easy for investors to analyze and consume that information."
St. Louis Post-Disbatch
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"Setting itself apart from the competition, Selequity has built its platform based on the concept of making it much easier and more straightforward to raise capital."
Real Estate Tech News
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"Today onstage at Disrupt NY, a company called Selequity has launched a platform that will make crowdfunding real estate investments much easier."
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Our Story

Real estate is our passion. We use technology to give customers access to select investment opportunities. We’ve proven our leadership in commercial real estate services, and now we bring that experience to the emerging practice of internet-based commercial real estate offerings with best-in-class project presentation, transaction support and investor education. Being in the forefront of the real estate industry, we are committed to building investor-value with the leading-edge CRE investment platform.

Our founders and management team created one of the country’s leading real estate services companies. As senior executives and advisors to Cassidy Turley, we led its growth from a local brokerage operation to a leading national real estate company.

We love great real estate projects, the opportunities they create for their owner-investors and operators and the impact they have on our communities. New laws opened the door for broader access to real estate investment opportunities for more investors. We are combining our unmatched expertise to create the most innovative, trustworthy and unique marketplace for commercial real estate investment.

AJ Chivetta
Founder, CEO

As a partner at Armstrong Teasdale, AJ worked as the primary outside counsel for Cassidy Turley, leading the legal team that helped Cassidy Turley grow to one of the country’s largest and fastest growing commercial real estate service companies. As a corporate and real estate attorney, with an emphasis on domestic and international capital transactions, AJ has worked for more than 30 years across the US, Europe and China, and has been recognized as one of the “Best Lawyers in America".

Mark Burkhart

Mark began his career at Turley Martin Company (later Cassidy Turley and now DTZ), a small St. Louis based brokerage company. Under his leadership as CEO, the company expanded service lines, geographic reach and capabilities to become a leading nationwide commercial real estate service provider. During his 25 year tenure as CEO, Cassidy Turley grew from 50 to over 4,000 employees and increased revenues from several million dollars of local revenue to over $750 million in nationwide revenues.

Bill Florent
Founder, CFO

Bill brings to Selequity a wealth of knowledge and experience in setting the strategic and operational direction of a real estate services company. Bill served for over 10 years on Cassidy Turley’s board of directors and executive committee. During his tenure as Chief Financial Officer of Cassidy Turley, he was responsible for its acquisitions and growth strategies and led key areas including finance, accounting, IT and investor relations.

Maria Desloge
Founder, COO

As a key member of Cassidy Turley’s legal team, Maria participated in major acquisitions and helped develop and implement strategies to deal with Cassidy Turley's large shareholder/investor community. At Armstrong Teasdale, Maria served as Associate Director for the State of Missouri Department of Economic Development China Office, which was hosted by Armstrong Teasdale, and as Manager of the China Alliance, an Armstrong Teasdale led consortium of four leading law firms with offices in Shanghai and Beijing.

Bob Couch
Chief Marketing Officer

Bob brings almost two decades of executive experience in Silicon Valley as a C-level, global marketing officer. He is a veteran practitioner in marketing, communications, public relations, and investor relations, creatively leading teams in developing and executing strategies to increase the value of organizations. Bob's unique blend of big-brand, high-tech, and early-stage company experience directly impacts the bottom-line growth of organizations.

Ken Herold
Chief Technology Officer

With a keen insight for future technology along with a creative and innovative spirit, Ken has 30 years of experience turning ideas and information into software as a competitive advantage. Serving as Chief Knowledge Officer, CKO for HOK, one of the world’s largest international architecture and engineering firms, he transformed ideas for clients in the building industry into patentable technology products for licensing creating new revenue streams. Most recently, Ken provides consulting to more than 35 startups encompassing a vast array of incubators and accelerators. Ken steers founding teams through the intersection of their business models and technology design enabling effective delivery.

Jake Liberman
Business Development

Jake comes to Selequity from 643 Capital Management, where he operated real estate investments on behalf of top-tier institutional capital partners such as Starwood Capital Group, GTIS Partners, Och-Ziff Capital Management and several private family investment offices. As a founding team member of 643 Capital Management, Jake worked to expand the investment and asset management platform from a San Francisco based start-up fund to a national investment platform with over $300 million in assets under management. Jake holds a BA from Middlebury College.

Teddy Dozier
Designer / Developer

Teddy brings creativity and versatility as Selequity’s graphic designer and front end developer. A product of LaunchCode CS50 and Furman University, Teddy designs with consideration and empathy for the end user. 

Parker Condie

Parker is President of Coin Acceptors, Inc. (Coinco). Coinco is a leading world-wide developer and manufacturer of point of sale payment technologies. Parker has extensive acquisition and private equity experience and is a lead investor in other web based technology companies. Parker holds engineering and computer science degrees from Brown University. Parker will provide leadership and advice to Selequity in product development and corporate strategy.

Toby Martin

Toby is CEO and Principal of NAI DESCO, a leading commercial real estate firm serving Missouri and Southern Illinois. Previously, as Senior Vice-President of Duke Realty, Toby was responsible for the company's real estate operation in Missouri and Kansas, including 3 million square feet of office, and 5 million square feet of industrial properties. Duke Realty is one of the largest publicly traded owners, managers, and developers of industrial/medical office/office properties in the United States. Toby is also a former Principal of Cassidy Turley and managing director of several private real estate investment entities.

Dan McCown
Lead Developer

Dan brings several years of software development experience across industries. Most recently at Boeing he contributed to various projects, including web applications built on modern web technologies. Dan earned his MS in Computer Science as well as a BS in Computer Science and Entrepreneurship from Washington University in St. Louis. He is passionate about developing the next generation of revolutionary web technologies.

Armstrong Teasdale

Armstrong Teasdale is a leading national and international law firm based in St. Louis, Missouri. With an entrepreneurial spirit and reputation for capturing the latest legal trends, AT is embracing the opportunities created by the JOBS Act. As a Selequity team member, AT will assist Selequity and its sponsors in matters related to real estate investment opportunities.


J. Ben Miller, Advisor

Ben Miller was a founder and former President of Turley Martin Company (later Cassidy Turley, now DTZ). Ben has developed a wide variety of projects from industrial and distribution centers to the rehabilitation and reuse of historic buildings in downtown St. Louis. Ben and Toby have co-managed investment assets, and Ben has worked with each of the other founders in a range of capacities.